The Philippine Consortium for Social Welfare and Human Development Research (PCSWHDR) Inc.

is the sole distributor of NVivo 12 (PLUS, PRO & MAC), SONIA software, INTERPRIS software, PIKTOCHART Infographic software and the only recognized training provider in the Philippines.

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Our CEO is the first Filipino Academic Visitor at Oxford University Population Ageing in the United Kingdom.








Phil. Consortium Inc. has been awarded with the PUP Outstanding Suppliers Award May 20, 2019

OUR CEO has been awarded with the Australian Catholic Uni. Outstanding Alumnus


Nvivo Training-Workshop: March 15-16 UP Manila National Teacher Training for Medical Professions 

"We have adapted to the new normal, and providing 24/7 online training, consultancy services, social media analysis and big data analytics!   

NVIVO, INTERPRIS, SONIA and PIKTOCHART KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT HUB is now open at Symphony Luxury Tower II- Room 9-Q at the back of GMA7.  The Phil. Consortium Inc. is the sole distributor of NVivo, Interpris, Sonia and Piktochart software and the only recognized provider of training-workshop and consultancy services in the Phils. Welcome to our new customers for 2021!

1. University of the Philippines- System is now using 200 Nvivo12 PLUS

academic perpetual license

2. 250 UP faculty and researchers attended

the 2-day Nvivo training-worskhop (UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Los Banos,

UP Visayas, UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UP Tacloban, UP Mindanao & UPOU)

3. UP-Cebu ordered another 25 NVivo 12 PLUS perpetual license &

UP- Cebu/Mindanao School of Management - Additional 2 NVivo 12 PLUS

4. UPM College of Medicine- Patient Safety Project & National Institute for Health

5. UP-Cebu - 25 Piktochart 24-months PRO software license

6. Miriam College- 1 NVivo 12 PLUS

7. Research Institute for Tropical Medicine- 2 NVivo 12 PLUS software

8. University of Sto.  Tomas Graduate School- 1 Nvivo12 PLUS software

9. UPLB-INREM, UP CHE, UP College of Med (Medical Informatics Unit)

10. United Nations Population Fund, Save the Children,

For discounted software and training, please feel free to send me an

email or,,

 or or Office and Mobile no. 02-72169111 or 09173284458.






2020 Accomplishment Report

Welcome to the Philippines- Piktochart no. 1 infographic software in the world! The Phil. Consortium Inc. is the sole distributor of Piktochart and the only recognize provider of end-user support and training in the Philippines.

Our CEO Doc Nick and it is in the DNA of our company to continue our CSR Project to Fight Covid-19 in spite of being afffected by the pandemic.


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